Container House

The world as we know so far is changing fast. And so are our housing concepts too. As people now are increasingly choosing alternative means and manners of living, the traditional concept of home has also been rapidly shifting. One such trend that’s mushrooming up almost everywhere is the use of environmentally friendly, recyclable shipping container Homemade out of old, second-hand containers. These Shipping Container Homes not only are easier to design and install, but they look as aesthetic as any regular home, or even better.

We at AR Portable Cabins design, build and install your dream Shipping Container House out of eco-friendly and recyclable yet perfectly affordable second-hand containers.

Our designs are simple yet elegant. Our efficient designing Team makes the of every inch of the shipping containers to make it look spacious and luxurious. We make generous use of built-in windows and open spaces incorporated into the containers to make the home feel extra airy and cozy.

Depending on individual preferences, our designers design each container Home uniquely. Depending on how you like it, we either keep the original container look visible in the exterior and interior of the house, or we use high-quality finish to transform the surface of the containers into an elegant and natural home look.

We use natural, eco-friendly materials that are safe, durable and non-toxic, and therefore perfectly safe for home use, children and pets.

A portable bunkhouse made out of second-hand container can be designed by our proficient designers to create a cozy space that looks perfectly aesthetic and expensive, while in truth it’s much affordable.

A Bunkhouse built by AR Portable Cabins is always rich in its look and easy on your pocket. Our shopping Container homes prove to the world that great architecture and aesthetics don’t necessarily come exorbitantly priced. At AR Portable Cabins we always take the modest approach (of using second-hand containers) made lively and luxurious (through our niche design and technology) and have made the concept of environment-friendly, durable, affordable and yet plush looking shipping container house and portable Bunk House, Container Home a success.

Along with home space, we also manufacture farmhouses out of shipping container. We landscape your farm incorporating the perfectly designed shipping container farmhouse into it which looks both elegant and natural. Being eco-friendly our shipping container farmhouses don’t jar in any way with the natural vibes of green and fresh farm ambiance. On the contrary, as each such portable shipping container house is made from recyclable and environment -friendly material, it further fits into the vision and feel of natural surroundings.

We also build portable labor sheds made of old, second shipping containers that come easy on the pocket and yet is durable and sustainable for the rough use of labor shed.

Give us a call and let us meet to discuss and design your dream home made out of our best eco-friendly, sustainable and yet astoundingly affordable second-hand container houses.