Gazebo are a great place to retreat to on hot summer days, as the open design allows the breeze to flow through and the roof provides plenty of cooling shade. For this reason they are popular in warm and sunny climates as an outdoor entertaining area. Typically they are not attached to the house, instead standing alone in a large garden or backyard. In addition to being freestanding, gazebos are typically roofed, although some may have the structure of a roof without any of the shingles.

The kinds of gazebos you’ll see most often are large enough to seat four to six people, although gazebos come in much larger sizes, some are large enough to serve as bandstands! Of course, most of us don’t have the kind of space in our backyards to install such a huge structure. For most people, gazebos will be an intimate and comfortable outdoor entertaining area away from the main patio. Gazebos come in quite a variety of styles, and may resemble other types of similar outdoor structures like pergolas, ramadas, and pavilions. We’ll go over how to tell the difference between gazebos, pavilions, and pergolas later in this post.

While the gazebos we usually think of tend to be wooden and permanent structures, you can purchase portable structures that will allow you to take your cozy outdoor seating area basically anywhere. Take it camping and outfit the gazebo with mosquito netting to enjoy the breeze without dealing with the bugs. However you like to enjoy the outdoors, we’re sure you can find the perfect gazebo design for you and your family.

You may want a gazebo large enough to have a dining table, or maybe a smaller one with benches for reading. It should really come as no surprise that gazebos are so popular. They’re the perfect way to enjoy the great outdoors, even in the heat or rain.