Cargo Containers

Gone are those days when a humble shipping container was used singularly as cargo containers to ship large industrial shipments across geographies. With ever-changing technology and lifestyle, the very concept and utility of most items are shifting grounds. Same with the usage of the shipping container.

Today shipping containers have a diverse range of utility, from serving as storage containers for large shipments, to manufacture of prefabricated cabins and portable container site office, to uniquely designed modern shipping container Office and homes.

With business needs ever evolving and becoming increasingly demanding, more and more people have begun working out of portable offices and prefabricated structures serving as office cabins. More corporate houses and engineering site offices are preferring to use portable and recyclable container cabin to suit the fluid and forever changing modern workspace requirements.

Container office has been increasingly replacing regular office structures that are non-recyclable and more expensive to build and maintain. Most portable shipping container office and prefabricated structures are easier to build, install and also to maintain. Using second-hand storage containers to build the same brings the building cost exponentially down. Plus, the portability and recyclable nature make this ideal for use as temporary structures like container site office. Construction site offices, security offices, guard rooms and more are best built out of cargo containers.

Prefabricated containers are now also being used to install amazing modern homes that are eco-friendly and durable, yet much economical and hassle-free