Security Cabin

Do you need to install security booth in your locality? Are you looking for portable guard room or security room to be put up on your property? Do you own a Security Services business and are in regular need of installing security office and booths in various work sites? Then do contact us right away! We are one of the country’s leading Security Cabin Manufacturers, building and installing high-quality portable security booth and offices regularly for our clients.

We use durable, sustainable and eco-friendly shipping containers to build our high-quality security booths and guard rooms. Our security office cabins are sturdy, well built for rough use, durable against twenty-four seven usage and associated wear and tear that’s typical for such office spaces to experience. Built from high-quality second-hand shipping containers, a security room or guard room we build for you is guaranteed to give you both high durability and affordability.

As one of the top security cabin manufacturers in the country with years of experience and expertise in building time-tested structures for several of our clients into the security office services, we understand your precise needs in this field. Our portable booths are perfectly fitted, strong enough to withstand round the clock use, durable, and makes the utmost and aesthetic use of a smaller space like a Security booth.

We at AR Portable Cabin specialize in turning portable, second-hand shipping containers into well-made, aesthetic, practically viable and productivity-enhancing office spaces, and we put in these same elements of our expertise while working with even smaller but far sturdier office cabins that an ideal guard room and security office need to be.

So, contact us today itself and let us install the best security office, security personnel’s booth or guard room for you at the best and much affordable rate.