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Ar Portable Cabins (I) Pvt Ltd: An Instant Budget-friendly Space Solution Model Of The Future Architecture!

Ar Portable Cabins (I) Pvt Ltd: An Instant Budget-friendly Space Solution Model Of The Future Architecture!

“Each of us is carving a stone, erecting a column, or cutting a piece of stained glass in the construction of something much bigger than ourselves. “

Also, the way we are moving into a world of the future, where construction is just not limited to a stone in the ground or a foundation piece mounted for ages, occupying a space that cannot be reutilized until the demolition of the previous marvel! With rapid advancement, we are witnessing constant movement and having a dynamic approach towards every single thing and aspect of the generation we live in and the times we are moving forward to. Now, this surely calls for huge changes in the way we see construction sites and architecture designs. The time demands for budget-friendly investments and less time consuming and maximum profits!

So, here we introduce one of India’s most promising & Reliable companies in this arena

AR PORTABLE CABINS (I) PVT LTD, who makes our dreams on wheels an accomplishment! The Chairman -MR. TIPPU SULTAN who established the company in the year 2010, Bangalore, Karnataka. He was working with the company Volvo Buses India Pvt. Ltd, when an idea struck in his mind -old Caravans and its marvellous diverse utilities. And from then onwards there was no turning back! He embarked on this endeavour with this idea and is still on with creating many new ones!

To launch into this sphere of action, with very little knowledge and minimum investment, Mr. Sultan has now come a very long way with ample knowledge and vast experience by doing many R&D, ambitious and enthusiastic towards achieving the 100cr target very soon!

He set off with the business of Portable Cabins and associated products from Bangalore and is now successfully running 4 companies under the brand name of AR GROUP OF Companies. Under his proficient guidance, the organization is spread across entire Southern India and also supplying PAN India and abroad its products and services.

AR PORTABLE CABINS (I) PVT LTD works specifically in the domain of Construction, Real Estate, Prefab Structures/Buildings and has huge list of satisfied clients list DRDO to Defense like Air Force, Navy, Army, Airports, HAL and very huge list of Private players in the market, The company has delivered many useful products even during the time of Pandemic as well.

The company primarily introduces itself as the manufacturers of Portable all-purpose Cabins/Containers/Structures. A portable, demountable or transportable building is designed and built to be a movable one rather than a permanently located structure. The Smaller versions of such portable buildings are also known as “porta cabins’. The Portable cabins are technically custom built prefab structures manufactured for a variety of utilities depending upon the requirement such as -site office, security cabins, accommodations, storage units, and even toilets etc. Portable cabins are an affordable alternative to traditional buildings, and of course, they offer a flexible solution where accommodation is required for an uncertain period. Portable cabins are fast to manufacture and easy to deliver. Benefits and features of porta cabins-

Instant Solutions (Can be delivered from one week to 3 Weeks)
Portability to the next projects
Multipurpose utility products
Investment returnable Products (resale/Buy back/even scrap it you will 50%)
Lightweight and easy to erect
Can withstand even during earth quakes
Low Maintenance
Energy-Efficient Roofing and Wall Systems.
High resistance to natural disasters and weatherproof
Aesthetically designed – does not require finishing touch
High tolerance, corrosion resistance and durability
Best of the Portable Restaurants coming up these days are – Coffee Shops, Instant Hospitals or Small Clinics, Small Cottages or a Farm House, Multi floor Portable Cabins for all purpose, Security Kiosk or Police Booth, A Petrol Pump offices to Resorts, Hospitals to Oxygen Generators Containers, Container Houses to Labour Accommodations, Marketing Offices to Constructions Site Offices created all type of movable structures Instant Space Solutions.


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